Strategic Communications


Strategic Plan

Soul'd Out Music Productions is a live-entertainment music production company based in Portland, OR. This strategic plan includes a brand audit, social media audit, marketing and competitive landscape analysis, crisis communication plan, and recommendations. The purpose of this plan is to improve Soul'd Out Music Productions' social media communications and marketing practices so it can engage better with its general public stakeholders and pinpoint brand influencers.  


Brand Audit

Block & Board's brand audit is an analysis of the business' brand, including brand inventory, system, persona, and competitive landscape.

The audit outlines the Block & Board brand strengths and identifies the areas where the brand is misaligned. It also provide that need to be addressed. This analysis was conducted shortly after Block & Board's soft opening. 



Social Media Audit

Arcimoto's social media audit was a collaborative effort to analyze the effectiveness of the start-up's existing social media communications and marketing efforts. As Account Executive I took the lead on liaising with the Arcimoto leadership team, developing the social media calendar and set of recommendations, and I also edited and synthesized the material into a cohesive document. This plan has helped Arcimoto focus its social media strategy, boost engagement, and strengthen its brand-stakeholder relationships.


Strategic Plan

FACT Oregon is a Portland-based non-profit that empowers individuals and their families experiencing disabilities. The FACT Oregon strategic plan was a collaborative effort to assist the organization with its strategic communication and branding practices. As Vice President of Social Media Strategy I audited all of FACT Oregon's owned media platforms and engagement. I provided recommendations on how the organization could best address areas of brand misalignment across owned media platforms to ensure consistency of brand image and key messages.